CPU, or Central Processing Unit, is that component of a home PC or a hosting server which carries out all of the calculations. Each CPU functions at a certain speed and the bigger it is, the speedier everything shall be processed, so in case you host resource-demanding web programs on a hosting server, for instance, an effective processor shall enable them to be carried out much faster, which will drastically contribute to the overall user experience. The current generations of CPUs have two and more cores, each one functioning at a particular speed to guarantee a better and faster performance. This type of architecture makes it possible for the processor to control numerous processes concurrently or a number of cores to manage a single process if it needs additional computing power in order to be executed. However, other elements such as the amount of RAM or the connection which a given hosting server uses could also affect the performance of the sites hosted on it.

CPU Share in Dedicated Servers

If you choose to get a dedicated server through us, you shall be able to choose between a number of different plans that have different configurations. This way, you can acquire the best suited plan based upon your budget and the resources that you need for your online/offline applications. Our most powerful package has a twelve-core processor that will ensure the exceptionally fast execution of any script which you run on the server. Every CPU that we use when we assemble a new web server is thoroughly tested to ensure that it will perform perfectly even when there’s an extremely heavy workload. The processor speeds listed on our Internet site are guaranteed always, because you shall be the only one who will utilize the system resources of the entire server.